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How To Win A Fight Without Fail (Wisdom Of A 3 Year Old)

A recent family gathering brought some rather interesting thoughts & concerns to my attention..One of 5 uncles to my children (let’s call him Sherlock)  was being provoked to “fight” with my youngest child (we’ll call him Mini).

So in attempt to entertain & appease the Mini, “Sherlock” threw his fists up & pronounced his readiness to fight. In response my sweet little Mini grabbed the elastic of his britches & yanked them to the floor, tossed his fists up & said “let’s fight”! 

This kind of battle seemed far from appealing to Sherlock as his response was to drop his guns & turn for the nearest exit. Everyone but Mini was completely taken by surprise & amused by this that it has become quite the table talk. My tiny child however, has led my family to believe that he must have seen Mommy & Daddy “fight” before! Ha! Oh My Word, thats all I’ve got!

Like I said, NOTHING short of eventful in the life of this mom.

Sherlock doesn’t come around much these days, I can’t help but wonder if he’s afraid of confrontation with the Pygmy people running around here that I call my children. 

I’ve come to a number of conclusions in whitnessing this battle of the ages. One being, if you want to win a fist fight or argument without fail, just drop your drawers! The other being, that if your family has that one uncle that pesters & scares everyone, request that he duel your well equipped toddler & he may suddenly become the ideal, loving, non-confrontational uncle you suggested he be to begin with!

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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