Bullet Journaling- starting off the New Year right

Just yesterday, I decided to jump on the journaling train in hope of becoming a little more organized in 2017. 

Scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled across something called “Bullet Journaling”. From the looks of it, being organized had gotten allot easier & fun! And hey! Who doesn’t need a little more of either in their lives?? 

I have countless hobbies & ideas, but fall a little short on the keeping track of it all part. The idea of this new hobby in itself has given me so many more! My excitement is through the roof over this seemingly simple craft! Don’t judge, join me!

So basically, there are a number of things bullet journaling does for a mom like myself. 

1. Helping you keep track of daily, weekly, monthly & yearly goals.

2. Stress relief in a number of forms ( being organized, having a plan, doodling)

3. Expanding the mind (giving you ideas from ideas)

4. Decluttering your home & mind

5. Planning events, outings, crafts, meals & more!

You get the idea, yes?

For example, this photo shows one of a kazillion ways to break down your cleaning. I chose this one in particular because i like the way it is split into zones, this helps someone like me not to feel overwhelmed by the list of to do tasks. 


So, in the middle of writing this post, I made a quick run to the store for colored pens & sticky notes to use in my new journal. I started doodling & before I knew it, I had gained 6 lovely pages & lost 2 hours of my day! I’m still debating on whether or not this is a good thing…


I’ve enjoyed my new Bullet Journal & sharing it with you. In my opinion it’s absolutely genius & so much fun! I can’t wait to see where it gets me in my New Years resolution to get more organized! I’d love to see what you have or come up with as well! Please share!

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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