Flat Chested Mom Game Strong

I have always been a little less fortunate in the chest area for a woman. Along with the build of a 13 year old boy as I like to say, my “fun bags” have been more funny than fun.


My 3 year old son (Mini) approached me while I finished the cleaning for the weekend. Most of the time, this means he wants something. Not today! 

So, he cocks his head to the side & proceeds to spark conversation through the corner of his mouth. This must be serious, I thought to myself. After decoding his toddler babble I realized he was talking about my “funny bags”. Ha! Not much to talk about, I know! 

So out of sheer curiosity, I knelt down on one knee & listened a little harder in attempt to actually understand him. As I asked him to repeat himself, his face grew even more serious, even a little timid. Maybe at the thought of me punishing him for saying something wrong, which isn’t a terribly rare occasion. 

The verdict…..yep, I heard it right! He exclaimed, in the most serious of tone & expressions “where are your boobs?”. 

I was in fact taken back by this question, so much so that I fumbled all over the place looking for words to respond. I did eventually, with “right here” & casually but quickly pointed to my little bits. Mini shook his head in disagreement with me & explained to me that those were not in fact what he considers “boobs”. I pondered on this for a moment, only to be interrupted by my sisters he-hawing like a dang donkey!

Mind you, SHE is the reason my 3 year old has noticed my lack of lumps to begin with. Why? Because she wears a size higher than I thought possible in the ta-ta area & she used to watch him as I worked until recently. He would pat her fun bags & rest his head there….ask questions, point & sometimes punch them about. Hahahahahahaha, I’m dying!

Ok, I’m good!

Nonetheless, my tiny tot loves me exactly how I am..He doesn’t judge or laugh at me (normally) & wouldn’t have me any other way. If nothing else, he has yet again created a rather interesting & hilarious conversation for the books! 

Ah, the memories that make up my family!

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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