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Locking you’re child in a car for the win 

As a Mother you’ve got to stay on your A-game at all times! Seems obvious & simple enough right? After all, how hard can it really be to not lose them or let them fall in harms way!? 

If you’re not a parent yourself, you may not fully understand the level of difficulty this task  entails. Let me explain by example from personal experience. 

So, my husband was a roofer at the time so traveling the south eastern states for work had become the new normal. Being without the man of our home had taken its toll on our little family. This emptiness led me to find a way to fill it & fast. So, I packed up the kids & headed south to be with our Man-Child! We made it to our destination in one piece with little to no complications, aside from the occasional lack of sharing, 20 pee breaks & trying to manage Disney in the back seat from the front while driving. 

I’m getting to the moral of my story, I assure you….bare with me.

We settled in the hotel room finally whole again with Daddy along side us & decided it was time for a real meal. So, we wrangled up the wee ones in attempt to begin our quest for food. The tiny people were strapped & ready in minutes (because I’m good like that) & all we were missing was the Man-child who takes AGES to get out the door! Finally, he approaches the stairway & proceeds to ask if I had everything (I did). In the midst of assuring him that I had in fact gathered the necessities, I closed the final door to the vehicle and reached for my own. Suddenly, my heart stopped (I swear it did) and I couldn’t force the words to come out that the vehicle had been locked & I no longer had the keys. 

Frantically, I began searching all windows & doors for a way in. Both children were inside along with the keys & I was not! It was raining like it often does in the south, hard, fast & sideways. I was soaked & exhausted when finally, I spotted the keys! They lay the the floorboard in front of my eldest child (let’s call her Suzy Q). Suzy Q was only 3 at the time, but well equipped to unbuckle herself on a regular basis (until this day). I tried everything to convince her to show me these normally frowned upon skills. Alas, my overachiever Suzy Q was broken & scared. She could not manage the task I had given her & we were both at a loss for words. No shortage of tears on this rainy day in June. As I lost my composure with an audience of strangers surrounding the hotel, my sweet Man-child & his crew of workers approached the vehicle & instructed me to go inside & clean up, assuring me they had it.

30 minutes of sheer painful anxiety & the time had finally come! It took seven men to break into my vehicle & retrieve my precious cargo! I did learn 2 things that day for future similar incidents, one being I should NEVER lay the keys down ANYWHERE before closing the doors, with or without children inside, but especially when they are! And second, it actually takes allot less effort & “man power” to break into a locked car with a living thing inside of it. As a matter of fact, it takes a single phone call, 5 minutes & ONE man to do so. Call the police, don’t be afraid of judgement or interrogation because they simply will not do either in a situation such as this. They have proper tools & knowledge on the matter & most likely, it isn’t their first rodeo! We’re human, we’re so perfectly imperfect & incapable of doing anything about it. We all make mistakes & have these heart stopping moments every once in a while. 

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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