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Mommy Gets A Pedicure 

What better gift is there for a full-time mom than to get her feet rubbed & pampered while Simultaneously receiving a back massage of the gods from those crazy chairs!? None I tell ya, NONE!!

As I sit & appreciate the money well spent & time away from daily life, I begin to fall feet & legs were being groomed to the fullest & I was LOVING it!!!

Until suddenly, he began to grate the bottom of my feet like cheese. Oh my god!! The giggles took over my entire body & I just barely missed his face as my reflexes decided to show how well they actually work! Hahahahaha!!! Oh my!!

The sweet foreigner simply & softly giggled & exclaims “tickles?”….No I just like to see how close I can come to your face with my foot for fun! Tehe!

Ahhh, those hot rocks though!!!

So what’s next? Paint the buggers pretty again & assume the position. You know, the one where you do NOT move in attempt to prevent from screwing them up beyond belief!! My luck, I’d somehow sneeze, rocketing my toes to his face or my own to then be forced to sit through this torture another 30 minutes! Hehe I didn’t, but I debated. The only thing that stopped me was knowing if I had in fact screwed them up, the only thing I’d get to sit through a second time was just going to be the polish…meh, no fun!

Anywho, I believe this relaxing treatment calls for a little extra lovin in appreciation for my sweet Man-Child! My goodness, if I don’t pass out before I see him this evening!!

Tip of the day- Dads/husbands/boyfriends: Treat your special lady to one of these heavenly rub downs by another man! Haha! You won’t regret it!!

Moms/wives/ladies: Treat yourself once in a while! You know you love it, go for it!!!

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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