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Suburb Spy

Earlier today I was taking advantage of the warm weather here in Georgia. My son ran amok in the mud, the dogs were sunbathing & I was simply appreciating the rare silence of the neighborhood.

When suddenly, I heard a strange noise. One that I can only describe to you as the squeaky noise that Jim Carey’s broken nose made in the movie “Me, Myself & Irene”. If you’ve seen the movie, your more than likely familiar with this scene above most others. SO FUNNY!

So anyway, I’m looking around high & low in attempt to find the culprit of this bizarre sound. I didn’t have to look for long..the culprit had found me first. It was one of those fancy drones that you control by computer/tablet etc. with a 360 degree camera attached to the bottom half.

So as I stare at this “thing” , who come to think of it was staring back at me, Mini man starts to scream bloody murder. Sure that he had hurt himself somehow or crossed paths with an insect, I jumped & ran faster than I could process it. 

Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt at all, he wasn’t even all that dirty (which bugs him out) although he had been playing in the mud for 30 minutes or more. So what was the problem!? 

Poop mommy, poop!

Scared beyond measure of what I was about to see, I found him hovering over his own foot. His face full of tears & his body trembling, I couldn’t bring myself to say or do much more than gasp for air from laughing like a maniac!

I don’t laugh at my children’s pain or mistakes, I always try and encourage them & be the calm voice of reason in hopes that they will see it fit to be the same way. This on the other hand, WAS a laughing matter for me. He had only stepped in a little dog poo & smushed it between his toes. I found this so hilarious simply because it wasn’t me this time! 

So in the middle of tossing my head back in laughter, I catch a glimpse of the drone again. It was hovering right over top of us, watching one of my best parenting moments to date.

The second I spotted it, it was off again. I wonder…do these things pick up sounds as well? Did this kid just sit & watch because they felt the same way as I? Thankful it wasn’t them? Haha! I wonder which kid controls this thing anyway…maybe it’s not a kid at all, maybe it’s another man-child playing with his kids Christmas gifts. I would!

So, for future reference…if you happen upon a noise similar to Jim Carey’s broken nose, look up! They’re watching you! Maybe not even a citizen, it could be the government! Hahahahaha! I kid, I kid! 

That is all

Thanks for reading-#MomGameStrong


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