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3 year old food logic

Breakfast in my home is super important & varies from day to day. The past several months we’ve been giving it our best to eat healthy breakfast foods vs the traditional bowl of cereal or pop tarts. My 3 year old is balls to the wall from sun up to long past sundown. The food he ingests & the activities he ingages in play a very big part in his mindset, from how well he plays to how well he sleeps. 

So, as of late we have been pretty strict with his diet, especially in the mornings! (Cereal/pop tarts=wild child with a strong desire to destroy & disobey/test his boundaries)   (eggs/toast=chill child more interested in learning & growing activities) so this was easy…give the boy eggs! His eggs, toast & fruit filled breakfasts really seem to make a difference! 

Side note- In being a middle class family having to pay for our own everything, we struggle with affording the upkeep. So….I started couponing! So what? Follow me here, I’m going somewhere with this I assure you! 

In my second week of couponing like a boss Mom, I came across a great steal for (Little bites blueberry muffins). Aside from the deal, this was appealing to me due to the fact that it’s a very quick & seemingly nutritious breakfast that he could try for a little change of pace. (It’s has blueberries in it, they’re nutritious right?) Haha!

So! He plowed through his first bag of these babies & asked for more. They’re in packs of 4 & are quite small, so why not? The second bag contained 2 oddly shaped muffins that I happened to notice right off the bat. Who cares thought right? Just a muffin, just a shape, no biggie. I went on about my business, finishing my morning cup of goodness.

Moments later, my son was absolutely beside himself with laughter & attempting to capture my attention. As I make my way back into the kitchen, I could hardly hold back the laughter just from hearing him he-haw so hard! He holds up the 2 misshaped muffins & tosses his head back in laughter & proceeds to show me the funny food. I laughed & exclaimed “they’re funny looking huh?”, to which he responds (more laughing) yea, THEY LOOK LIKE BOOBS!! 

Oh my word! I lost my shit laughing at the thought of my toddler comparing his food to lady parts he knows nothing about! I would expect this of a man and even older boys I suppose, but the fact that this child o mine has a flat chested Mom tells me it’s all together a gender thing! Hence the term “boys will be boys”. 

Not actual photo of muffins consumed


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