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Demon bugs of the South (Chiggers)

We are almost all familiar with the most common of mites such as pesky fleas or those God awful ticks right? So what about this mutiny I’ve personally dubbed as “THE Demon Bug Of The South”, AKA Chiggers or Red Bugs?

Even though I’ve lived in numerous places from Alabama to Washington State, I’d never even heard of these little devils, nor had I been viciously violated by their inconvenient presence. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, be grateful!

Recently, my family packed up and moved from the hills of Tennessee to the sandy, Spanish moss covered Georgia & we love it! Needless to say the bodies of water around us are plentiful. Water means bugs. These demon bugs in particular happen to thrive in damp, humid areas. 

I spend allot of time outside between burning off a little energy with the kiddos & the pool. So, in being totally unaware of my vulnerability to this mutiny I was completely unprotected & unprepared. 

Two days in a bathing suit & my midriff & chest area were covered in indescribably itchy & red welts! Google search saved the day & told me all about the nasty boogers, more than my conscience could handle the first night! 

Through countless searches I came across many different home remedies & a few topical creams to smooth the itch, not so much on healing or preventing. First off, these micro mites attach themselves in a way similar to that of a tick. They’re really on there, but you can’t see them! Also, they typically feast for a few weeks & the bites alone will then take several weeks to go away.

Through trials & tribulations, I’m pretty sure the only home remedy that actually works for both is to make a paste out of baking soda & water. This concoction has exceeded my expectations for relief & renewal of my skin. 

So for those of you who may encounter these parasites from hell, don’t waste your time or Benadryl…The fix is in your fridge! As far as preventing possible attacks, stay indoors! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 

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2 thoughts on “Demon bugs of the South (Chiggers)

  1. Great post, and thanks for the follow! I’m from the South and I know about dealing with critters, lol.My biggest critter battle was misquitos. I’ve heard dof chiggers, but never had an issue with one. I’ve even gotten a tick once (as a teen). Great remedies too, I’m going to remember this trick if I should ever need it. I remember when I was 3 and stuck my foot under a bush with an (fire) ant hill (was Very painful!) at my grandmother’s house and she used an ammonia remedy to ease the pain. It did the trick.

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