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The truth behind “Family Fitness”

Typically, I am the only one involved in health & fitness aside from the occasional engagement via 3 or 6 year old. My involvement stems from the desire to actually gain weight. My kids are pretty well surrounded by this lifestyle, simply because they are always with me. My husband on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Since making the biggest move of our lives thus far, we’ve all been allot happier & healthier in our own ways. My husband gained his through his gut, butt & thighs. Hehe. He’s gained around 15-20 lbs & is mortified about it. All the while, I’ve attempted many routes of encouragement. From talking & listening, suggesting & keeping quiet, to FINALLY dragging him to the private gym next to the pool! But did it accomplish anything!? Ha!

My expectations were high now that I think about it. If you’re involved with social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the cute photos & videos of the one and only hashtag #FitFam. Cute family workouts & activities galore & you may think to yourself something along the lines of, “oh, how cute, I could totally do that with my circus!” No. Just no.

So needless to say, the reality of how this went down was much different. BUT, we may have had more fun due to this “lack of expectation”. In leaving the poolside for the day, it occurred to me that I had went several days without seeing a gym & hey! The husband was with me so he would finally be faced with the ultimate decision to sit & watch or do a little lifting since he was already there. 

He engages! He also talks….allot. I count & lose track easily, so this was very distracting. Meanwhile, our son is running amok & can’t be quiet about it. I repeatedly explained the rules, what to touch, what not to touch, no running, stop whining. I have never wanted to finish a workout so quickly, so badly before. I can’t hear my out of shape husband babble about his weakness and newly chubbed figure. I couldn’t remember my count, so I aimlessly pumped as many as I could as quickly as I could to move on to the next machine, I couldn’t control my child, you get the picture yea?

Oddly enough, at some point amidst the chaos of a workout, I felt a strange peace come over me. Personally I would credit this to the Lord, but call it what you will. I started to laugh with my heathen & his attention turned from a raging bull to a silly boy trying to coax another laugh or smile out of his parents. I laughed at my husband a little bit to. He was SO dramatic & so funny in his attempts, grunting & laughing, trying to talk while completely out of breath…haha. Then I realized, he was talking. We were all together, my son was smiling & even if it was nothing special, my husband was talking to me about something we were both doing…together!

I say this like it’s special because it is! My husband & I have been through allot over the years, both mentally & physically. A connection seems forced at times just because our days are spent apart & our marriage is frequently tested, it’s exhausting. So I am grateful for this seemingly chaotic workout session, the quality time spent together & the peace that I found by changing my mindset & laughing at the truth about family fitness for us average folk!

Thanks for reading!



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