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Grocery Shopping with the guys ðŸ™„🙄🙄

Grocery shopping used to be my thing. Typically, it gave the kids & I a chance to get out of the house, join society for a brief hour or so, just enough to have me chomping at the bit to get back hometown my own space & reality. Inevitably, I’d grown accustom to having my little butt munches with me. On occasion my husband would accompany us on additional weekend trips for forgotten & added items. This occasion is what nightmares are made of folks!

Seriously, we may have a 10 item list to go off of that we may or may not leave behind on the kitchen counter. In the event that the list is actually on hand, the seemingly harmless trip is in no way easier, faster or less stressful. Almost always, my husband carries our son around like the baby he no longer is. They are both very spoiled, especially with one another. This simple task has proven to be rather distracting for my husband. Meanwhile, I push the cart, pluck the listed items from their shelves, reign them all in from the distraction of shiny & tasty items (not listed), & keep the train a movin in attempts to quickly escape the chaos of public on a weekend. 

Now, normally I will attempt to catch his attention & ask his opinion on one product or another. Most of the time followed by, “anything else you want snack wise, cereal, dinner, etc.?” Nothing. So lately I’ve done this allot less than before, it literally was a waste of time considering he would go back through the store an additional round searching for that one eye catching goody he just knows is going to grab em!

So….Finally nearing the end of our trip, it is inevitable that my husband will realize I am done & he hasn’t looked at a single thing with undistracted eyes. At this point, he catches up to me & the cart, stating his desire to look around. He then makes the additional round previously mentioned above. This annoys me more than he’ll ever know. I’m a good wife & don’t say much of his “routine”. We wander around aimlessly until eventually, he finds the must have item he had no previous plans of purchasing. 

It doesn’t end there, he has to stand around, surveying the area, contemplating the buy & possible bargains that come with it. NOTE: This man is incredible with numbers, leading me to believe he should FLY through the price breakdowns & comparisons!              NOPE! This guy legit, stands in one spot, shifting his weight for 10 WHOLE minutes over ONE item! 🙄😫😖-This pains me

On a typical run without my husband, the problem child is our son (age 3), not daughter (age 6). Although she wasn’t always on her best behavior, my girl holds the buggy so as to forever be in my sites & while she may ask for things, she doesn’t fret over hearing no. Unlike my boy, who is only comparable to a chimpanzee, bouncing from wall to wall, loudly expressing every emotion & obnoxious noise or phrase possible! 

This insanity has brought me to the conclusion that men are NOT meant for shopping. Not with us anyway. They are distracted & distracting, loud & forgetful, rude & indecisive. Sure we love them, but I highly suggest leaving boys to be boys at home if you just need to grab a thing or to! Shew Lord 🙄😳

Thanks for reading!



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