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The Beauty Of Dry Shampoo & Skull Caps

<a href=”″rel=”nofollow”style=”display:none;”></a&gt; Not all women worry about overwashing or damaging their hair. Not all women have to. I say this knowing plenty of women are almost obsessive when it comes to washing their hair daily, thinking they are doing the hair good by keeping it clean. These women MUST have one of two things in… Continue reading The Beauty Of Dry Shampoo & Skull Caps

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Surprise Party (supply kit)

Birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers & more! To an extent, all of us are familiar with the stress that comes with party planning. From guests to food, decorations & games, the possibilities are endless! The necessities on the other hand, don’t have to be so much of a headache! I’m a DIY Mom through &… Continue reading Surprise Party (supply kit)


Bullet Journaling- starting off the New Year right

Just yesterday, I decided to jump on the journaling train in hope of becoming a little more organized in 2017.  Scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled across something called “Bullet Journaling”. From the looks of it, being organized had gotten allot easier & fun! And hey! Who doesn’t need a little more of either in their… Continue reading Bullet Journaling- starting off the New Year right