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The Beauty Of Dry Shampoo & Skull Caps

<a href=”″rel=”nofollow”style=”display:none;”></a&gt; Not all women worry about overwashing or damaging their hair. Not all women have to. I say this knowing plenty of women are almost obsessive when it comes to washing their hair daily, thinking they are doing the hair good by keeping it clean. These women MUST have one of two things in… Continue reading The Beauty Of Dry Shampoo & Skull Caps

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Chigger Repellent Update!

  Finally! The bites are gone & I truly believe to have found an effective solution for preventing future encounters! I purchased a pack of repellent bracelets that you may or may not have seen in your local grocery store or gas station. They look just like the “key bracelets” bank tellers & store managers… Continue reading Chigger Repellent Update!

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Demon bugs of the South (Chiggers)

We are almost all familiar with the most common of mites such as pesky fleas or those God awful ticks right? So what about this mutiny I’ve personally dubbed as “THE Demon Bug Of The South”, AKA Chiggers or Red Bugs? Even though I’ve lived in numerous places from Alabama to Washington State, I’d never… Continue reading Demon bugs of the South (Chiggers)